Ronnie Dawson Tribute Show


Here's the official world premier of this esclusive show 
to celebrate one the most important icon of the Rock'n'roll music, the late Mr. Ronnie Dawson.

An extrordinary live act with some of the best today's musicians:

Mr Go Getter Peter (remember the last  Rave show 2003) from Sweden.
Walter Broes awesome voice from Seatsniffers and now frontmen in the Walter Broes and the Mercenaries from Belgium.

Max & Bobby from  Italy... from historical bands like Tribal Bops, Starliters and Rockin' Bonnie Western Bound combo
and a very special guest that you'll can discover in june... ... to celebrate  the blonde bomber career  with us!

Get ready for something that can't be missed.

Up jumped the devil

Rockin in the cemetery

Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers


Hailing from Canada’s west coast, Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boppers formed in 2013, playing a combination of original hillbilly boogie numbers and their own interpretations of classic rockabilly, Western swing, and country blues songs from the 30’s to the 50’s. Slim plays guitar and harmonica and is joined by Willa Mae on vocals and washtub bass,  and German Ebert on drums.  Their vinyl single Sweet Rockin Mama led to them touring in Europe in 2016, playing at Good Rockin Tonight in France  and Waldorf in Germany, and returning in 2017 to play at Rockin Around Turnhout, as well as touring in the Netherlands and France.  Slim had previously played at Viva las Vegas and High Rockabilly.  He started in rockabilly in 1985 as the drummer for Ray Condo, then as the singer and guitarist for the Crazy Rhythm Daddies, before going solo as a one man band in 2003.  Slim and the Boppers will be touring in 2018 promoting their new album, BOOGIE WOOGIE FEVER!

Little Queenie

Little sister

The Monokings


The Dead Beatz (Austrian Blues Bopper Orchestra)

What you hear ISN'T what you get! You ll get a lot more here! Equipped only with a small orchestra , (drums, harmonica, double bass and vocals), these 2 guys deliver blues at it’s best. Pure, raw, and hard - hittin'! From Sonny Terry/ Brownie McGhee classics like "Ride & Roll" & Papa Lightfoots "Mean Old Train" to Mickey Lee Lane’s "Senior Class", you’ll get a whole lot of danceable harmonica beats that will leave you the audience speechless! You'll be DEAD BEAT tired! Drummer David Karlinger concentrates on his harmonica chops in this band and works the drums with his feet. Bernie Miller slaps that double bass and is the man on the microphone as well. If you don’t believe that these two aren't enough to produce a forceful sound then you should witness the next live show of the two Dead Beatz!

I'm gonna find my baby

My baby drives my automobile

Walter Broes and the Mercenaries


Walter Broes is no stranger to the international Rockin’ scene. He used to be the front man for Belgian rockin’ greaser R&B combo “The Seatsniffers”,  has made seven albums with that band and traveled up and down Europe for sixteen years.   He was the singer/guitarist/songwriter for this much-loved  band – a band that even made it to Belgian mainstream radio and TV,  at the same giving the Belgian Rock and Roll scene a big boost on a national level. In late 2016, WB came back with a new trio, “Walter Broes & The Mercenaries”, with “Movin’ Up”, a record that once again shows his unique take on 50’s Rock and Roll, R&B, Country, Blues and Americana. The record got great reviews from a lot of diferent angles and the band’s been playing international shows in Rock and Roll and Blues circles. WB is still the singer, guitarist and songwriter fort his new band, his vocal and guitar skills having matured over the years,   Clark Kenis (of “Moonshine Reunion” fame) plays bass and provides solid backing and occasional lead vocals, and veteran Roots-music drummer Lieven Declercq holds down the rhythm. Expect a high-energy show ranging from Rockin’ Blues to stuttering Rockabilly, with virtuoso guitar and dual vocals, and the odd excursion to a moody Mambo or a wild Bo Diddley rave-up.

you and me

Moving up

Lovesick duo


For those who love the roots of rock n’ roll, from Mississippi Delta Blues to country and bluegrass, we present Lovesick Duo

Paolo vocals, resonator, guitar, dobro

Francesca vocals, upright bass

After many tours in Italy and throughout Europe, Paolo and Francesca (Paul maD Gang) decided to deepen their knowledge of the old, traditional music, ranging from Chuck Berry to Hank Williams. Lovesick Duo is based on old-school songs and the duo’s passion for the sound unique to that style. Improvisation and Interplay are very important connection in this project.

An additional value, to the traditional American songs, are original composition in Italian. A live Session recorded in New Orleans just came out with the international clarinet player Chloe Feoranzo (Pokey LaFarge) as special guest. In 2018 a new album full of originals Italian songs will be released.


Aria condizionata

Wild Boogie Combo


was born in 2007 with Jake Calypso (Guitar/Vocal) and Terry Reilles (Drums).

At start, the influences was Rock’n’Roll & Rockabilly around some underground 50’s tracks. And a 1st unofficial CD named ‘Music For Females’ was released with covers of Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Bobby Faire, Sleepy La Beef, Mickey Hawks played with lot of energy as a ‘One Band Band’s style.

In 2012, the duet decide to record an album totally ‘Blues’ inspired by artists as John Lee Hooker, Dr Ross, Lightnin Hopkins. 10 songs written by Jake Calypso. Wild Boogie Combo became at that moment, the Blues side of Jake Calypso.

In 2013, Mr Ruine B harmonica player joined the duet..   Autumn 2013, the trio has recorded an EP with 4 new tracks on Chickens Records.

After lot of of gigs in differents Blues clubs, the band was called to play in great festivals as Viva Las Vegas (Usa), Juke Joint Festival (Clarksdale MS) and différent places in Germany, Belgium & Switzerland.. 

Since the spring of 2016, Wild Boogie Combo used to be sometimes the backing band of Archie Lee Hooker (John Lee’s nephew) after recording a fabulous album named ‘Vance Mississippi’ where you can find too

a bonus track recorded in the mythical Sun Studio Memphis…

The trio continues to scour the scenes across Europe with a new project in mind!

Don’t miss them, you will have the ‘Boogie’ !  

Yesterday I talked to my bottle baby

she break me down

Victor Mac


This eccentric maverick of the blues also known as the "Beale Street Blues Bopper" is an exemplary keeper of the fame. His joyous showmanship and larger than life personality have made him a popular international festival attraction for more than 3 decades. He has recorded for Wild Records, Witchcraft, Bluestown, El Toro and Ruf before his recent association with Rhythm Bomb. Little Victor is a multi-award-winning musician and producer, famous for the quality of his live shows (a mix of authentic 1950's old-school blues and cabaret) and the quality of his records. He grew up in many different places. He lived in MemphisTennessee, Austin, Texas, and Louisiana. He also spent several years in Italy, France Germany, and Spain, before moving to the UK. Little Victor started to sing at the age of 14 - hence the nickname of "Little" Victor. His first band mostly featured songs from the Sun Records vaults. At 16 he started to play harmonica inspired by Jimmy Reed and Junior Parker and the following year first picked up the guitar. He played for tips on Beale Street in Memphis six days a week with Uncle Ben Perry, the "King of Handy Park." This is why Little Victor is also known as "The Beale Street Blues Bopper. " He learned the real blues from playing with real bluesmen in Memphis when he was still a young man.He sang, played and recorded with many different roots, rock and blues bands in the 1980s and early 1990s on both sides of the Atlantic.  he played, recorded and toured with the likes of Hubert Sumlin, Lazy Lester, RL Burnside, Big Joe Louis, Little George Sueref, Kim Wilson, Tav Falco's Panther Burns and Louisiana Red. More than a decade ago he struck gold when he joined forces with his blues hero Louisiana Red. The albums they did together are already regarded as"classic" records and some of the best old-school blues albums of the 21st Century, winning the equivalent of a Grammy Award In France, a Grammy in Germany, a "JIMI Award" in the States and other prestigious prizes. He has been called the King of Grit and the antithesis of meaningless virtuosity, for his peculiar and unorthodox guitar style. Little Victor often like to say "I don't play no rock and roll, but my music sure sounds just like it! "Crazy!

Gambler's boogie

Lou Anne