Enjoy the 2015 Kustom Weekend Bands

The Go Getters


In January of 1988, amidst the frozen badlands of Västerås, Sweden, a gang of Vikings decided to heat things up by forming a rockabilly trio. They would call themselves the Go Getters. 27 years later the ensuing inferno still rages like an oil fire in Texas!!!

By popular demand, one of the groups that has most impressed the people of the Kustom Weekend in past years. They are ready to raise ours temperature with their energetic sound. Pure dynamite that will blow the ballroom... not for the faint of heart!

teenage kicks

honky tonk man

John Lewis


The Welshman with the invading voice has been quiet for awhile. Don’t worry – he’s back! As front man for the Rimshots and Johnny Bach he’s still all over the place and here we get another fine band.International rockabilly legend his combining dazzling guitar with his glorious life-soaked voice which brings heart and depth to both classics. Welsh rockabilly hero John Lewis returned with the brand new album ‘Sanity’ in August 2014.  This album provides further proof that Lewis can hold his head up high amongst the greatest exponents of ‘Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly .

flat top cat

please don't let me love you

Miss Mary Ann and the

Ragtime Wranglers


Although the combination of Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers has been playing for years, the band originally started out as The Ranch Girls and the Ragtime Wranglers. The Ranch Girls (Caroline & Mary Ann) sang Hillbilly Harmony. All the band members had been drawn to Hillbilly music by their love of Rockabilly music. That is how six city slickers from Rotterdam (Holland) ended up making American roots-music, all over the USA!We had been playing as the Ranch Girls & Ragtime Wranglers for over 15 years,  but after a couple of changes with Mary Ann’s singing partner, the Ranch Girls stopped! Mary Ann went solo and the style of music changed to Rockabilly.

do you wanna rock

the blues come around

Benny and the Cats meet

Charlie Thompson.

Italy + England

Born out of love for the 1950‘s american school of great saxophone artists called ‘honkers’ Benny and the Cats are rooted in this raunchy and growling sound. With a rhythm that lures you to the dance floor and its powerful beat, this music will bring back the memories of a time when saxophone players were the thriving force of the band.Benny and the Cats met Charlie Thompson the first time at the Summer Jamboree in 2013. This unique collaboration has given fans the opportunity to see a blasting RnB/RnR set from Charlie Thompson who is usually rooted in country music. From the success of this concert they went on to play again at the Hep Cats Holiday in the UK and other various locations throughout Italy. This is a gig not to be missed as they will also release their new 45" that they have recorded together. These cats will give you the finest R’n’B and R’n’R with a sound that will blow your socks off.

Rhythm River Trio


Dave, Morgan and Bruno they play early rockabilly from Webb Piercecountry ballad, "There standsthe glass", to Gene Simmons wild rockabilly song, "I done told you". They have penned and arranged their own song, "You know I'm mean" a hillbilly bop/jiver, "Wasting time on you" a Charlie Feathers style song, the up tempo hillbilly song with steel guitar "Honky tonkin' around" and the country ballad "I'll go my way".With their sound, they want to stay as close the original sound of early rockabilly as they can.

wild side of life

you know I'm mean

Marco Di Maggio Duo


Marco Di Maggio is the only italian artist decorated as Honorary Member by the Official Rockabilly Hall of Fame – Usa. Considered a guitar virtuoso by the international press, he performed in 22 countries, from Usa to China, collecting collaborations with more than 50 legendary artists. Terry Williams (Dire Straits drummer), Dj Fontana (Elvis’ drummer), Slim Jim Phantom (Straycats), Dave Roe (Bassist for Chet Atkins and Johnny Cash), Robert Gordon and many more. His extraordinary talent has been recognized not only into the R’n’R scene, but also in great world’s Festivals, as: Montreux Jazz – Ch, Grand Ole Opry – Usa. With Marco, the Double Bass player Matteo Giannetti, a great duo who ranges from Fingerstyle a’la’ Chet Atkins, classic Rockabilly, Western Swing, Country, Hillbilly, R’n’R and Surf…

Pink Thunderbird

Tiger Rag

Robbie's Dirty Crew


Robbie's Dirty Crew it's a brand new 50s rock and roll band that comes from the heat of the last Sicilian Summer, we started to play just for fun and for party in the sicilians beach bars, but after a while the things became serious so we started to write our own songs and sailing with our music making rubbery and kidnapping pretty rock and roll girls

Miss Looser